Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What happened to MY WORLD?

I once listened to Rush Limbaugh, in Europe we could get his first hour of the daily three, and he was different and I was innocent about what his point was. His point was making as much money as possible from an under-served audience. Since most of the MainStream Media is Left leaning, he saw the Right was hungry for a program that talked about common sense and was upbeat. He didn't make money from caller connection fees, he made money from people buying his air space for selling their products - that was what he was doing. Now, he did need to be seen as holding a large profitable audience and he worked that well. Heavens, the Republicans adopted him as a standard bearer, they do seem to try and gather anything to increase their power against the Democrats.

Invasion of Haiti, under President Clinton, and a First Sergeant reports he had to jump into combat with only fifteen rounds of ammunition. Rush bit on that call, he was certain that some strange problem caused by the current administration was leaving our troops helpless in the face of the enemy. I, having jumped with the 82nd Airborne Division and having been armed and supplied by the same fine system on my way to Saudi Arabia, KNEW that you are given a box of fifty rounds for your pistol or revolver, and a basic load of rifle, machine gun or grenade, and if you want more and your supervisors allow the extra weight (remember this does get heavy), you could get more. What the First Sergeant didn't tell America was that he didn't make sure all his pistols in the arms room had three or four working magazines. The extra magazines are classified as parts, and you have to budget your money to buy the extra ones. His unit didn't do that, since they didn't really think they were ever going to war and need the extra magazines. That was when I woke up and decided that Rush didn't really have all the answers, and the few more times I listened I could see that he knew he didn't have the answers, but he did know how to keep the large audience entertained and his sponsors very happy.

Now there are other people that call themselves, reporters, commentators and pundits. Sure enough some of them believe they have the answers, hmm, I know ministers and pastors and priests that are sure they have the answers. I know of three political parties that are sure they have the answers. I remember teachers that were sure they had the answers. Maybe I just ran out of questions and am not searching for answers. In the days since the Penn State football freaky follies (found-out'ed) - there are people saying 'should have gone to the police' when they saw someone abusing a child. These are some of the same people that think abortion, homosexuals, assassination, and war against drugs, guns and different thinking are dangerous or the best thing we have ever offered. The Women's Movement went from getting the vote, although there were western states that already had women voting and serving in public office to making sure your daughters had proper sluts to dress like and envy and to becoming available for lesser gentlemen's distraction.

But then that isn't My World, is it? Nope, I only thought the Playboy Philosophy had merit when I was too young to see exploitation for what it was; liberate women! only until they can become sex objects and feel empowered. I don't hold with treating women as equals, if I really thought women were the same as men I would have missed the whole point of having two sexes to produce their following generations. If I thought men and women could do it all better alone, or only, or in gender teams... the point is dividing Humanity into parts is only a little useful for examination of reality, but Humanity only works as a complete complex living organism. I can't find my world on the media, related to me by the experts, I continue to go my way... eternally lost to those that can't see... but maybe they don't see the path I am following... they don't feel the beat of the drum... they need to have a cage around them, one that gives them an illusion of protection, please give us one more law to disobey and modify for the betterment of those that want to make themselves little gods.

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Old NFO said...

Earl, our world has ceased to exist... The truths we grew up with are now not politically correct, nor is our faith, nor is our patriotism... And there is no more actual news reporting, it's now all 'opinion' reporting...