Saturday, December 17, 2011

Do the Christmas cards go to the range reward...

A beautiful Saturday, blue skies and Gleaming White Glory of Mount Rainier watching over us. I got the Christmas letter, addresses on all the cards and postage and made it to the Post Office, so sometime before the New Year everyone will know what we have been doing if they haven't been watching me waste time on facebook games or note what I have said in this blog. I was off to Range 15 on Joint Base Lewis McChord (only a newbie would like that improved name, JBLM).

I was only going to exercise my packing pistol, a Springfield Armory Micro Compact 45 APC, and only the shooting of it. One can't carry concealed, even with a permit, on post. The Commander says so... he/she never has a name. And on Range 15 you can't draw from a holster and shoot, like you might have to in the darkness of the time you need to defend oneself or loved ones. You can practice in the safety of you own home - but isn't that part of the warning on many of the marvelous things one sees on television (professional driver on closed course, expert shooter in controlled area -- don't try this at home)? Okay, I was there to shoot and see. What do I see? The fine firearms, family and friends shooting together. Lots of ARs on the Rifle side, lots of Sigs on the pistol side. Red Case sale buyer shows me his and explains - the price seems right.

I shoot, talk, meet, admire and learn while I take some pictures (always record the targets, get a video to watch for errors and stupid mistakes - like a private coach). I meet Fred, who will come and talk to me as I am reloading, he didn't anchor the bottom of his target and the wind presented it to his position on edge (a very narrow target). As I reviewed the video, I noticed how perfect the safe handling of the pistol I demonstrated - muzzle stay on target, fingers not on trigger, and I turned to the rear to point out the range house. Then I went back to my target, chamber a round and engage.

I went down and gave my forty-five brass to Fred, he casts his bullets and reloads for his own shooting. He allowed me to shoot three rounds from his pistol, and says that the three bullets on top of each other on the lower right arm of the X were mine. I believe him, a beautiful pistol and only a pound and a half on trigger pull. It was a very good day in the Great NorthWest.

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Old NFO said...

Any day at the range is a good day, and that is a good idea too! That little pistol does have a bit of muzzle flip, but control is never an issue.