Sunday, December 4, 2011

From Cave to Cybersphere...

Shelter, so simple, keep the rain off, keep the warmth in, a place to sleep, work and rest. Cave, it does provide. Then we wanted mobility, follow the prey, make them into herds and husband them, with yurts, wagons, teepees. Or settle and build the hut, plaster over wattle, plaster board over frame, whole trees - still providing shelter from the elements, the predators, the enemies - a place to make babies, birth babies, and raise babies in love - we can only hope.

One had to venture out for food, females and frolic. Sure, you could bring them back to the home (if your parents approved). But public life was outside, and your private life was inside, you were safe there. Now, not so sure.

You bring signals in - radio, television and such, and now they send signals out - radio, televison and such. As you become more immobile, you spend more time putting yourself out, and gathering what you want in... and it isn't LIFE, but it is close? Hmm, time for church - more shelter to contemplate the meaning of so little life inside the shelter, Earth is shelter from the spans of the Universe. Homes brighten with Love, and laughter, and family and friends... why are you bringing in the reporters and commentators with crimes against humanity? Shelter, from those things that bring pain.

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