Friday, December 2, 2011

I feel like a prophet of old, no one listens...

I don't need a Savior, I have a living one and will hope to be worthy of the price he paid for his government's justice and religious community's fears and scorn. The city of Jerusalem was sacked and destroyed, not long after and the Roman empire fell, and didn't rise again, who is the biggest loser? I can carry all the Love, give away all the Love and grow more as needed...

But it does seem like it will take a real President to save US from the coming collapse of America, and the Western World business/government model. I looked it up, there is no leadership required of the President, the title of savior is also not there. This country was founded by The People and I have only a passing thought that The People will save themselves, correct the course of the nation and get on with what they can do so much better without government RULE. Remembering that I am not the smartest man in any room unless alone.

I have no hope in the 2012 elections improving the members of Congress, House or one third of the Senate. Both the Republicans and the Democrats as parties like the idea that they are in charge and control the destiny of over three hundred million Americans - that sounds pretty powerful... but then they have to hire bunches of people to suppress the illegal drug trade, the attacks by fanatic terrorists, the threats from far countries and different dreams. You haven't seen many politicians going to war recently have you? And they are afraid, secret closed door meetings -- special rules for themselves, and just more lies when in public. That is as a group, as individuals some of them are wonderful people, mature, thoughtful, kind and perfect examples of humanity's best. No, I can't name any - they are lost in the herd, the party, some subcommittee.

So, what needs to happen is The People must wake up and fix the government, ask the questions, demand the changes, elect REPRESENTATIVES (not a ruling elite, we are all in this life and some of us aren't better than the others every day, in every situation). We have to do this, at the same time we are securing our LIBERTY, as we prepare for the end of the world as we know it. Time is running out, but then some of us will die before the end.

The People are not subjects of a King or President or The Congress or the Government, The People are Americans. They consume, and are loved for being consumers but that isn't their purpose in life. They work, and are loved for being workers but that isn't their purpose in life.

I suppose that many of The People don't know the purpose of their life, and hope that media will announce it on Oprah or Fox Business News (you don't get it? demand it!). But life is a long journey and you should know your goals. One of the reasons that the Federal government got so far from the Constitution is that the political players worked on little personal goals. The National government should only work on NATIONAL goals, the STATE work on State goals, and THE PEOPLE work on personal goals. Education is a personal goal, a great education is a better personal goal, no child left behind is a slogan.

If The People don't get this election right, and their Representatives don't get it right, it will all be over too quickly although there will be examples of valiant efforts to stem the wave of destruction... but it is difficult to see how far you have fallen through the trash and slime in the ditch your drunken excesses have produced. Look around, there are many great people out there, and not one of them is running for President, opening up new businesses employing thousands, or betting on a better future -- most are betting on failure, greed, terror, foolishness.

There is a better way - for the individual, for the family, for THE PEOPLE, for their future. It does not center on Government, it centers on Awe of the Lord and the value of His Love. No greater treasure.

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Old NFO said...

Well said Earl, well said!!!