Thursday, December 22, 2011

Okay, your assignment for the coming year..

The PROBLEM isn't Republican or Democrat, the problem is you don't understand the problem. Yes, I said "YOU"! If you understood the problem none of the agents of that problem would survive - it is like giving your child total control and keep nodding off and nodding your head that they are such wonderful children and they are succeeding in keeping the family safe, together and healthy... as they do all the stupid things you did before you actually assumed the responsibilities of an adult and a family.

So, since my health has now been given medicines and a green light. So I should quit watching the trying real hard politicians that can't seem to get it right, they will be fodder for comedy shows for years to come. So, don't worry be happy.

But as an intellectual exercise which might have political applications in the coming NEW YEAR, I think I should design a government system that would be better, since this one is going to collapse from FEAR, GREED, POWER STRUGGLES. There certainly isn't the teamwork and sacrifice that a unit in combat has... even the dirt bags will charge machine guns for people they love - politicians seem to only love the image in their mirror or their mind, or some shameful sexual fantasy.

So, I throw the challenge out to you, design a government for 330 million Americans. Okay, too big for little guys? just design a tax code - the only tax code for every person and corporation in America. Just one, because there is only ONE tax payer for all those levels of government... one of the first problems you should look at and solve. Yes, you can do it, you are not stupid, you are not greedy, you are not power hungry... you aren't a politician. It is a worthy exercise, even if you won't publish it, you will be ready with some answers for those running the country into the RED, or the GROUND. They have no idea where the Landing Gear lever is... no plan for failure of government. Sigh. Have a very Happy Holiday, and thanks to Republicans and Definitely the Democrats you get two months worth of less on your FICA payments, don't go wild and crazy. God bless us everyone, Amen.

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Old NFO said...

Flat tax... 15% and limit the congresscritters to ONLY spending 85% of tax income.