Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Should we have only blue ink or black in Congress...

Understand that the House can't figure out as a body, which is better, two months of Payroll tax decrease or a year's worth. Not many are saying that permanently lowering the rate might be best.... that would mean that raising it was a bad idea... and there would be more problems down the road, because you, citizens, might figure out that it is almost a Ponzi scheme or just ineffectual governance. This is from a government that can't balance its book now - no matter it just doesn't have the GUTS!

There are in this country a lot of scurrying little people, hiding from the light, afraid of the cat that can't be belled, that say they don't believe in the LORD or bothering Him, that still for some reason think everyone else is as frightened as they are, or SHOULD BE... So sorry, I know that none of it matters.

Take 9/11, the government couldn't stop the terrorists, only in one aircraft were the passengers able to die bravely. No country sponsored this attack on America, but the United States attacked its citizens and two other countries and encouraged everyone to be afraid with it. Fear, that was the excuse, but the truth is that the people in government don't boldly attack enemy machine gun positions. Government policies had made it very easy to take over aircraft and use them as weapons, and the passengers were mostly sheeple - waiting on someone in authority to take care of the bad men with bloody hands.

I was sure that 9/11 was a crime, but nothing to start a war over, unless you really wanted to try and destroy all those of faith in Mecca. To prevent another attack I was sure you needed to figure out what makes them hate us, enough to attack in that manner.

And the real fear mongers, are the media in frenzy, something to fill their airtime, so someone will pay for their pap. So, is it a surprise that the next election cycle is based on how bad the different candidates will be for America? How the Left will destroy American Greatness? How the RIGHT will starve the poor, make education only for the intelligence species and bring gold back as currency... FEAR.

Instead of learning how to shoot safely and accurately the anti-gun goofs want the firearms banned. Instead of teaching our citizens about drug and alcohol abuse and its dangers -- the banning of the substance is an answer that doesn't work... hmm, one from the Left and one from the Right. And it doesn't work, and both are working from FEAR of the guns or the substances. They have that fear because they actually believe that people can't help themselves. Fear, based on the sure knowledge that no one is smarter and better than I, and I know I have my weaknesses and faults.

There ought to be a law... is part of the problem, too easy to make a regulation, law or give an executive order... and no review, no sunset clause and no way over that fence, just another brick in the wall.

So, don't worry, you can get all those bad drugs, drink yourself to coma, carry a gun and shoot up a school where you know you are the baddest dude in the place. You too can prove you are smarter than those in charge, and feel as badly as you deserve if you live through the experience. Mostly you don't, on the gun issue so many are killing themselves after the blood fest I wonder if they haven't been taking drugs for their problems and sober up in the middle of their confusion -- ashamed.

I have tickets to ride an airplane, and expect it will be a fine trip - except for the Government intrusion into my life (TSA), but then I am going to California and we KNOW that they are running around naked in San Francisco, and only so everyone knows they aren't carrying firearms concealed... or some such thought. I am not afraid, and looking forward to the visit and the difference. But then I don't think the payroll tax hike or cut would have any affect on my holiday, certainly doesn't on my Holy Days.

Why do we put up with government out of control? I am not afraid of it, they don't love me, but then government isn't human and has no love, it is an institution without pity. Thank God.

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