Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Sermon...

I went alone to church, which if you really understand is impossible, you can be the only human in sight and never alone in a house of God. Then thinking even deeper realize the most beautiful religious building is nothing when compared to the Universe that God builds... and that could mean you are never alone, just blind and deaf to all that is Holy and inside you.

As I departed the service and sanctuary I was peering over the crowd, and heard someone calling my name - not my real name. My Korean name. "Gideon's Apogee! Gideon's Apa-ji!" It was my wife's friend Moon. In Asian cultures one is known by relationships. One of the reasons I know not any of the real names of the people my wife hangs with - they are all somebody's mother or father, and I would hardly pay attention to the little ones unless they called my attention for assistance. I brought and transferred the regards of each lady, Moon and my wife to and for each other. Then went to get my coffee and be with the guys.

We gave into the temptation of half a doughnut, one waiting to be charmed by another's daughter before he fell into sugary sweetness. May all one's sins be small. Men's Bible Study at my home last Saturday of January. I should take them to the range in the Summer for shooting, Bible study and the fine feast that seems to follow because our wives care... I am sharing a short video of Christmas Carols from Moscow, Idaho. Some real friends of mine in that fine group, but then most strangers are friends you haven't met yet. Happy Holy Days and a Prosperous New Year.... and that is all up to y'all. For God has blessed us with all that we need. Amen!

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Those folks are good!