Monday, December 26, 2011

Twas the morn after Christmas and all through...

I missed two episodes of the current Korean Historic Drama, I know his mother is dead, he has accepted the opportunity to become the 19th King, urged by his father (the 18th King) and trusted advisers. Don't know what happened to his wife and their child, and I am sure all the enemies are still plotting. Still, Christmas was fine and will be dining with my cousin and his wife today.

I have sent off to find out how to get my packing pistol repaired, since it is the holiday vacation period it may be a bit. In shooting goodness I have my ticket to attend the last Castle Rock Appleseed of 2011. Just one day for me will be enough. I am muted, kind of like a trumpet with something stuck into it, the medicines have muted my tone.

I have finished "Battle Leadership" by Captain Adolf Von Schell, good read if you have never done S.L.A. Marshall about WWII, Korea and early Vietnam. He wrote Pork Chop Hill, and many others. Chapter VIII really stood out for me, since it was talking about the development of the German Army since the Great War, when they were only allowed a 100,000 in uniform. That is the chapter that he quickly explains the Revolutions, Communists, Unions, Freikorps and the almost destruction of Germany as a nation, internal strife, inflation and well meaning pacifists in charge.. looks just like Libya now, tribalism and no one in charge. Less than a hundred years ago.. three generations?

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