Saturday, January 21, 2012

More wind storms on the way...

Which means more stuff coming down on our homes, power lines, and roads. Or that the media is proudly announcing that the Newt has taken South Carolina. And I don't want a fat, old politician on his third wife (did she pay any attention to how he treated the first two?) as my President. I especially don't want one of the biggest problem creators from the Congress to get back to making really bad laws. He is smart enough to know what should be done, but he has no sense of honor in his word, no sense of shame and wouldn't lead me in an attack on a pillbox. So I guess I will just point out that the three other candidates had more combined votes than Gingrich received. he wins on having the others fighting for the disenchanted ones.

I had a wonderful dinner of ribs, and the Blues are playing, reading about Triumph at Kapyong, Canada's Heroic stand against the Chinese in Korea. The Princess Patricia Light Infantry (which has an interesting military history in WWI and II, too). War is so much simpler than legislation, no it isn't but far from the battlefields and bullets you can relax and read about it. Never knowing about tomorrow, never sure about waking up.

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Old NFO said...

All we can do is one day at a time Earl, and 'enjoyment' of that day is what we make it. Reading, learning, thinking; those are the things that keep us alert and active.