Friday, February 10, 2012

How to know you know too much...

When working with children and you want them to have all your experience and knowledge so they don't make all your very personal mistakes. Can't happen, but you will always wish. By the time the babies I am learning beside are older the government will have it all perfect and figured out. Maybe not the tax code but everything else will be perfect. I am not betting upon that happening, the Republicans can't find one candidate for the Presidency, the Democrats are afraid to admit that Bush/Obama economic salvation program isn't working. I am sure happier with the babies, they haven't asked any questions about where the good food, drink and play are coming from. They haven't decided that only one kind of fashion is the current must have fad. They also want to 'do it themselves' but are still willing to have some help - and ask politely for it. No 'Occupy the Buggy Street' movement being raised here. Just more Barney, Elmo and 'Planes'. Can't give even a tiny bit of what I know, that is worth passing on, I blew my chance with their dad, he has much but I didn't throw it all his way - he is better for finding out many things on his own. I could never have anticipated his life, since I never lived it.

The babies feel, see, hear and fumble with everything. They learn much the hard way, but then maybe we did, too. Just too young to remember it all. We talk, we touch, we help when wanted and we can, but we can't live a moment of their lives. I will pray for them and God's guidance, which they may be smarter than I and listen to better.

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Old NFO said...

Good point Earl, all we can do is be 'available' to talk to them if they want it.