Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This blog is finished, thank you for visiting.

It has been a great run in many ways. When added to the motorcycle cruise across the country and meeting other bloggers - it has been wonderful. May God bless all your best. Love, Earl

Wow! Sorry, I was moving to a new blog, and just wanted y'all to know this one isn't going to be active any longer. The new blog is Earl's View and is still under construction but I have posted a note to self... I am going to be there, more or less.

I haven't kept a library for a little more than two years and just feel like a fresh start, most of what I know about life is my perception, and about ten percent is misunderstood, or totally strange because I didn't get it the way you did.


threecollie said...

Sorry to read this Earl. Best wishes in all that you do.

Sailorcurt said...

Earl, You've got to do what is best for you...but I'll miss you.

I've been reading every day for several years now and your wisdom and insight have, by turns, humbled, inspired and nurtured me.

Although we've only really met once, I consider you a friend and mentor.

Thank you very much for sharing what you have with us.

You'll be missed in the blogosphere. My prayers will be with you for a long and blessed life in the real world.

TenMile said...

Sorry to read this, Earl. While I'm relative new to your blog I'll miss it.

Rifleslinger said...

Earl, that's sad for me to read, since this is pretty much how I keep updated on what you're up to. Still, I've got to respect that you know what's best for you, so I won't try to talk you out of it.

I remember going to my first AS and seeing you there with your command presence and thinking to myself, "That must be Fred" (having a mental image of Fred at that time that was based only on reading Shotgun News).

Getting to work shoots with you was a privilege. I learned a lot from you, even if it seemed like I wasn't paying attention (of course I was). You still don't disappoint. I hope to keep in touch with you somehow.

Long-time RN said...

My sentiments are similar to those expressed in all the above. Your writing, thoughts, shared life have been a joy and blessing over the years. Retirement brought forth a richness and honesty in expression which will be sorely and selfishly missed. Many good thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Hope we will read you again sometime in the future on Earl's View. Take good care, Earl.

Jeffro said...

Be sure and let us know where the new blog is!!! I'd hate to miss ya!

Old NFO said...

I'll change the link to the new one Earl!

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Why do you need to go for another blog instead of this one. I believe that your blog is really great. But anyway, don't worry I'll still follow your blog.

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good luck to your new blog earl.