Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Blues in Limbo...

There is a Ceramic Green Christmas Tree in the Library, it is quiet, one of the only programs open, since much of the staff has departed for the holiday celebration nearer to home. I have been in similar places, far from home and warm Season's Greetings. In the forgotten areas of warfare, in the prisons, on exercises in the deserts and the snows or lush jungles, in a bunker or a guard tower - the Limbo of waiting for the magic moment to pass by, that piece of time when parents once loved you, grandmothers fussed over you and fed you the best cookies, when your siblings and cousins gathered to test the sleds on the snows and throw snow balls and make snowmen, that magic isn't here but it is inside everyone's tormented soul as we wait for the time it should have rung in JOY! to pass. We go on living and waiting for the return to normal, knowing that our family can't call, email, or even visit where we wait... for the minutes stretch and the sleep doesn't come and there is no peace in Limbo. We hope you have it, Peace on Earth, where we came from and hope to return one day.

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