Friday, December 28, 2007

Resolutions or resolution?

End of the year is about here; I have completed weeding three hundred and four items from the collection this month. Weeding is one of those terrible secrets about Public Libraries that those that love books don't like to talk about, needing space for newer and better (one hopes) circulating items. But I could use the same treatment in my home, getting rid of the excess I will never use again, or in my life getting done with those wasted minutes in a life poorly spent. Here in the prison the inmates have a sentence and time remaining to be served and they are experts at what they must do to get out any sooner, unless there is a surprise they didn't expect in their future. I have to come up with a six year plan, all I have left before I start draining the Social Security Trust Fund with the rest of the Boomer generation. I figure to also look at the ten year plan at the same time, having been granted three score and ten years as the life of a man. There are several things I won't become: a Presidential candidate, a suicide bomber, a holy man, nor a drug or alcohol addict. I do have some things I would like to do (a bucket list?) and some titles I don't have yet but would like to (a fine fellow?) and positions I could work at earning (Elder?). Well, back to regular work, buying new titles to replace the ones weeded.

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leedolan said...

Elder? Brother, your mother would love it if you became an elder of the church. As far as a 6 year plan and 10 year plan go, I have the basic same ones: to continue teaching in a Catholic high school, to continue clearing out and cleaning up our house, to convince my husband of certain updates/rehabs to make our home more elderly-friendly as we age, and to love God. Not too bad. I am even toying with the idea of getting a doctorate like our aunt suggested. Just not now.