Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Experts say...

As television became the stranger invited into our homes, often trusted and paid attention to beyond good sense the "experts" crept into being. Now if you can't quote an expert on whatever subject to prove one's point - the point isn't valid, or you might have to take a poll to make me convinced. I have known a couple of experts: a Junior High teacher who trained the Junior High Rifle Club and coached the high school rifle team, my machine gun instructor in Fort Lewis during the Vietnam War, and that was about it. I don't think I ever became an expert on any subject, I was selected to perform training, coaching and other duties at different times but I am sure that someone else was selected when I had departed for other ventures - the need doesn't make experts, filling the need can help establish one's expertice? I have become convinced that writing a book, coaching or teaching a certain subject seems to be the qualifier now, even when the book and its theories are wrong, experts remain. Ever wonder why we don't have expert ditch diggers? Professional only means that one receives compensation for performance, expert means one is the most ........ yep, fill in the blank.


mamaworecombatboots said...

I was watching CNN this morning as I got ready for work. They spent the entire 10 minutes I watched talking about/making fun of/admiring Mitt Romney's HAIR and discussing if he weren't really too handsome to be president.

"Beyond good sense"? No kidding.

It was simply a 10 minute gossipfest passing for a news program.

In his time, my grandfather was an expert dentist. He practiced from 1925 until 1989. Once I saw him extract one of my father's teeth at the kitchen table.

WmEarl said...

Your grandfather probably was a real expert dentist - and was never asked to comment on the government's floridation plans nor sonic toothbrushes, he just took care of his patients - expert care not just commentary.