Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sun's Day, soak it up now for tomorrow rains... return

I am up early and off to the church, Men's Breakfast, riding my motorcycle in the dark, no rain, no water, clear sky with stars - now that is different. Clean up after breakfast and hop on motorcycle to return for a checkbook, run out of fuel put it on reserve and carry on. Stop for fill up on the way back to church, write checks, practice anthems, robe up and more coffee before the service. It felt good to ride in the Sun - but the church is only two miles away from home, hardly enough to make a careful determination about the motorcycle, the day or my pleasures. After five hours in the church I have received the benediction and a couple of cookies and a lasting cup of coffee time to roll. Zach is walking by with his mother, I ask if he brought his helmet because he could ride with me if he had. Since Zach is only going on two he didn't bring his helmet, but he watches me carefully as I start up and pull out to ride, waving. I am off, only two miles from home and my wife said she won't be there this afternoon having a dinner engagement... so I am off to my girl friend's. Well, not really, just giving myself a reason for riding fast down the highway, around the Sound and ever onward. I do know where the local twisting roads, the straight fast lanes, the places where no motorcycle man has gone before... okay, I was there before and I enjoyed it and am back for more. I am finishing off as I ride by the Harley-Davidson dealer on my Triumph America, in silver and graphite. Lots of heavy V-Twins outside, lots of heavy riders - sometimes the price of the machine, the size of the engine and the size of the riders are in sync. Sometimes not, I ride on the country roads until I am back home, where I find my wife washing her car - her dinner canceled and football games waiting for me. Another great day wasted so well.

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