Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shooting again? where's the football?

I know there is a game today, and the Seahawks are playing the Packers, and I am supposed to want to support the local team, but my dream is the Packers going all the way this year and then Bret retiring at the height of his career. I didn't so I expect I know something of the sad state of not walking off with the laurel around one's crown. So I dropped my wife off to attend a function and I went off to shoot and vent the paper targets. Had lots of fun, wasn't as good as I should be but it is the start of the new shooting year and I will progress. I had to laugh, about the bite on the web of my shooting hand, haven't had that in awhile. Well the game calls, I will clean up two pistols and iron my shirts while I watch and eat lunch. It should be a great game, they practice more than I do and are certainly professional and entirely too serious about today.

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