Thursday, January 3, 2008

Leader of the Free World...

Selecting a President, read about it at the Library!- the media only knows how to attract your interest so they can sell ad time (commercials abound). I have heard that Iowa doesn't represent the United States - but then I say that New York City, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles don't (thankfully) represent the United States either. I will vote in November, for one of the candidates groomed and well presented by the vested interests of their respective parties. And although I told one loud patron at my library not to offend my sense of harmony by using vulgar and obscene language, "when he decided that XXX would be elected", I think the candidates have sterling characteristics and are just the kind of people I would invite home, if I weren't a recluse and paranoid from surviving the Vietnam War and still confused about if I had been doing a good thing or I was the most evil pawn of that ancient nasty government. The term I have had the most problem with is "Leader of the Free World" and then thinking our President should be followed by free thinking people, freedom lovers everywhere and others if they know what is good for them. I don't, and haven't followed a President anywhere - I made a career of going where he pointed out I was needed, but I don't follow Presidents. They often impress me but I could never get away with their lapses of common sense and good judgement, and are then so easily forgiven by people I know would never forgive me, sigh. I sent my last political monetary contribution to a one legged Senator from the midwest when I thought he would be someone I could understand, it wasn't enough and some governor from Arkansas took the party's position, and I couldn't understand him not being brave enough to jog through Washington DC every day. How much he feared real America was all I could think, I didn't know how he would occupy his time stuck inside the Whitehouse all day. Yes, I have jogged in Washington, DC, and helped paratroopers march proudly there, walked the streets and all, but then no one depends on me to push the button on Nuclear Release between bimbos... we can do a better job of selection of a President, but somehow I think the money men will buy our next leader or the ones they can't buy won't get selected. Which maybe why the thirty thousand excellent potential Presidents don't even attempt to compete - they have a great life, and don't think the position of President is that critical, most Americans aren't following, most of us are out there living the best we can. Even my inmate patrons and library clerks are doing the best they can every day, no matter who is President or trying to become the next one.

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