Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My State of the Union, at our kitchen table

My wife wouldn't talk to me, because I wasn't properly responsive over our nephew's impending divorce (which I am very unhappy about) but I don't want to know the details - and she wants to share (dumping all the dirt she got from her sister). Ah, women. Then I find out this morning that President Bush has been giving the State of The Union speech last night - and he was at our kitchen table (where I found out about the divorce) and he heard we were discussing the economy. Ah, he has a hearing problem, we are old long lived working folks (middle-classless) and we will get another job, cut back spending and pray harder. We won't be waiting on the government to make us feel better. We will talk at the kitchen table about people we love and care about, about strangers going through tough times and what we can do to help, and what the weather is like outside and can we safely go to work. Doesn't match the agenda of Presidents and those other guys and gals in Washington, DC. does it? Nope!

Okay, want to talk politics? Don't think the Republicans are conservative enough, there isn't a lot of freedom for adults in America and growing less all the time. Don't think the Democrats are about the little people any longer - only about the rich money lenders with guilty feelings for being so rich (and wanting to get richer). That is about enough, I am sure the NRA will tell me where gun owners should vote (they don't get to my kitchen table where I clean my guns either). I will vote, but only for the people that I think will do less harm and sometimes it is hard to know about that. And in Washington State if the proper Governor (Governess?) isn't elected on the first count they keep recounting dead and disenfanchised voters until they get the results that King County wanted. We actually had several counties that had the exact same number of ballots and same results in all three counts - but not in King County. Enough politics, may the best candidates win (that should be a prayer phrase, shouldn't it?) and I will do the best I can to be a good citizen and an independent freedom loving American. So should y'all. There is a War on Terror on, and our military needs our attention.

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