Monday, January 28, 2008

Global Warming, anyone?

So sure the Sunshine was going to dry the roads I got on the motorcycle to ride to church yesterday, and my praying in Thanks started when I hit that long patch of ice with melt on top of it, front tire went right, rear tire went left, I leaned against the pull -- I wished for better (LESS!) gravity and much better traction and then it was all over -- I found traction and my heart didn't stop and I could breath again. Praise the Lord! I slowly covered the remainder of the distance, very carefully. By the time the service was over I had better roads to ride and went straight home and up the still ice covered driveway. Life is good and then one dies. Today, I wake to more Winter Weather, all capital letters. I will drive the minivan, and remember the Polar Bears. Driving in Washington with those that never suffered more than rain is exciting.

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