Saturday, January 26, 2008

Getting up to think, getting up to think...

It isn't really fair, once I was young, gallant and could sleep anywhere, anytime and in perfect comfort, now I have to think and that calls me from the land of Nod. Oh, I can still sleep on floors (heated better than not), or ferry boat rides, or while driving down the long highway (watchout!!) but eight hours in my bed doesn't seem possible. I take four for the body and reptilian- animal brain and then the higher levels of mental activity go from just dreaming to demanding logical functions with permanent solutions... the dreams are better entertainment, and I don't dwell on them except to laugh, the real thinking I will be stoking the fires and fueling the waking in the middle of the night tomorrow. Do I wake more in thought because I am driven to complete my quest? and I am running out of time and feel it? If I became more hormone imbalanced would the dancing girls come back and the frightening logic kindly step aside?

Ah, the picture? young paratrooper preparing for the Yom Kippur War

"What? ME worry?" not when I was young and foolish, what were those hormones?


mamaworecombatboots said...

I slept on top of a cargo box in the middle of a KC-135 all the way to Mildenhall (Beat the heck out of those web seats!)

Now, many nights I dream I am being recalled, but have the wrong hat. My hat is the one I enlisted with.

I cannot go on the plane in that hat!

I cannot seem to find the correct hat. Clothing Sales does not have the right size and I say to the clerk,

"I am a MSgt! I cannot walk across this base in the wrong hat!"


Earl said...

I slept on top of my HMMV inside the 141 on the trip to Saudi Arabia for the first Gulf War. My military dreams always have long roads to run along and barracks where the latrines are clogged up.

DoubleTapper said...

Earl- Hormone levels, specifically testosterone, go down as me age.

But there are ways of forcing the body to produce more, and reverse the effects of age...

Here's what I've found works for me.

HIIT, high intensity interval training. You jog, so add short sprints into your routine. Try running normally for 5 min, sprinting for 30 seconds, running for 5 min, repeat.

Weightlifting, increases bone density, lowers blood pressure, and force the production of hormones (testosterone, HGH...) Try basic exercises like Squat, Dead lift, and Bench press. Train each body part only once per week and as heavy as you can go... I can email you a complete workout.

Forced Aggression, a little know technique that produces lots of hormones. Turn up the radio, stand in front of a punching bag, get mad! Really, really mad! Scream, curse, and when you are really fuming, kick and punch the crap out of the bag. Start with 10 seconds and work your way up to 1 minute. The adrenaline rush will let you know if it's working. It's not about form, but aggression!

After a couple of weeks you'll be sleeping like a baby!