Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blood pressure is lower today...

I check it daily, every morning and today it was good (or too low as my wife says) 103/64 and 97/67 - heart rate of 41 and 38 bpm. It was the wine last night? the medication? the motorcycle ride in the Sun? well, no prize if you guess my choice but it wouldn't be the first two. I seem to have lots on my plate, all undone and I keep piling more on to see how tall the pile of procrastination gets before it topples. Today on a conference call I volunteered to work with two other library keepers on a blog for our Institutional Library Services - which would be easy, except in the end it must be very professional and politically an asset, never a liability (bland?). I sometimes think politicians are completely surprised when they find they aren't perfect, nor perceived as perfect. I also mentioned in a local Homeowners meeting that the library has books on how to incorportate in Washington, so I got the assignment of getting the books we need to do that (the others don't go to libraries?). At the same time I picked up two new things to do, nothing dropped from what I need to get done - stress adaptation - keep piling it on. So by the end of the day I am farther behind in work flow. Today I lost one library clerk to getting a haircut, tomorrow I lose one to a visit, and no one came to get the job opening today although there were five names told to show up, only one did. And Friday is my day (only in my mind) to clean up and finish all that the week brought with it, will he make it?

Well, my plan is to do what I can and concentrate on the important stuff. Being really old so much that passes for things to worry about, I won't. Universal health care, I was in the military, my family and I had total health care - we never needed plastic surgery, brain surgery, nor (lucky me) did anything traumatic come along. But I had to participate, taking all shots when scheduled, eating the food provided when in operations, and physical fitness training five or more days a week (those candidates never talk about what to eat and how much exercise you will have to do under their guidance, and look out on smoking and drinking and UA's?). And scheduling appointments was interesting, since there were never the number of health care professionals to support the needs of the populations served (the purpose of the military is to break things and kill people when so directed by Congress and the President - healing is only an economy measure - for morale and cutting training costs for replacements). This is one of my not to worry abouts, Medicare is coming to save me - and why do I have to pay for something I am taxed for already? Don't worry about it, they know what they are doing.

The IRS thinks I don't have to pay taxes (or file them) for 2007, since they haven't sent my booklet and materials. I won't worry about that either unless I think they owe me - since they think they got over they are waiting for me to figure it out. With all their computers and staff and everyone reporting to them - they could do my taxes for me and send me something to check against. I will file, and keep the records and be happy about it - proves I still have just a bit of intelligence left to be able to do my own taxes, they don't make it easy because it would empower more independence in the citizen. April 15th is weeks away.

One thing I always noticed when I wandered in foreign countries - I never had to worry about the laws. They existed in the local language, and if I behaved, like my parents taught me, good manners got me through just fine. But there are people in all the different governments making new laws to cover whatever they hadn't thought about before. I can't worry about that, I don't have enough time to read them, obey nor break them, or be punished for them. Not going to lose sleep on that either.

I think I will ponder the Clintons as repeating Presidents... when is the daughter going to be thirty-five? Or should I look at the interesting French fellow with his fine lady, and think that an American wench from Orange County country could be President and publicly fool around better than the French (not in 2008, give us a few more years to get it right). Well, nothing even got my blood pressure to spike, so I will go read about the Boer War.

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