Sunday, March 16, 2008

As I watched the media influence me for meds...

The news is on, it is Sunday, and I find the US Supreme Court is going to decide if the Second Amendent is an individual or collective right. I am betting the US Supreme Court already knows the answer to that question, and what they will be deciding is how to make it other than it really is because guns in the hands of law abiding citizens might be dangerous - they had an expert testifying to America that a gun in the house was twenty-two percent more likely to harm one of the family than bad guys. Yep, that kind of expert -- the one that they didn't ask how many guns are there in the United States, how many have been used in harming any humans, and what is that percentage of the total lawfully held. They never ask that, and the media didn't want you to think you should read the Constitution yourself, you do read it every year don't you, but that the learned justices must read the English language of the late 18th Century and tell you what the Founding Fathers really meant or how they couldn't have foreseen. It isn't Latin or Greek, folks, just English.

Okay, you think the media is reporting the question of firearms fairly, well, they followed with a story about doing away with the penny because it costs more than a penny to produce. Almost two cents per penny. So sway you to that side, get rid of the penny. I guess I won't get rich picking them up on my jogs, but do they tell you that the DOLLAR doesn't buy anything like it once did, that it has been steadily sinking in VALUE the last ten years? No, they want you to believe that it will be cared for by the Federal Reserve Bank and the Secretary of the Treasury. But if the Dollar were worth what it was in 1998, making a penny wouldn't cost one cent, it would cost less. What is truth? Why would I buy any medications advertised on television shows that don't really tell me the whole truth? Because I am old, gulible and plain old stupid? Well, maybe one day but not today and probably not on Tuesday when the Supreme Court deliberates about something even I read and do understand.

One of the stories I did like hearing prior to America's invasion and conquest or liberation of Iraq from Saddam, was that Saddam was about to start selling oil for Euros. Couldn't have been much truth to that, but it might have made American interests upset that another currency might share position as a standard. But then I like conspiracies unproven, and other fictions.

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