Saturday, March 1, 2008

First Responders

Citizenship should mean responsibility: to report a fire, an accident and things that threaten life. Why doesn't it happen more often? Is the fact that 'everyone' goes faster than the speed limit mean that no one should report bad driving, speeding or fool racing? Does that fact that a 'little' recreational drug use doesn't make one a key player in the drug empires of the world?

If a Boy Scout understands "Be Prepared" as a duty to have first aid skills to assist in saving lives, to help establish traffic control and flow around a problem, to deliver services and goods to those shut in, to make the world a better place than he found it -- why is it only the area of the government for most of us -- when did watching and waiting and whining take the place of getting involved and fixing the temporary problem? Too much television watching?

Paralyzed by fear, or Prodded to Perform -- same situation different reactions, and only one gets you killed. Victims or Victors, don't see enough of the latter and the media sings the songs of the former. The Death Songs.

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