Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Old Dogs and new Tricks...

My program manager sent a new master time sheet for keeping the records of the hours we are open and instructions, along with a sample that she doesn't really want me to follow exactly but close. So I try to save a copy of the master with the new title, and the computer tells me that the form is protected unless I have the password to modify it. Ah, I don't have the password, and when I report to the person that sent the form I can't use I get silence. It doesn't matter, if I can't do my job because I don't have the essentials then I do the best I can after I notify the boss. I started one that I could modify, but not based on the one she insisted.

I also find that I no longer have motorcycle insurance, and I was sure I paid that online two weeks ago with my credit card. When I check the insurer has no such record but I am talking to a computer which sounds pretty smart, but wasn't that the same computer that I paid? I check the credit card company and get a live person (hurrah!) and find no record of the payment I thought I had made, must have only happened in my dreams. Okay, today I go find a real person and buy real motorcycle insurance this morning. I will pay by check and then go visit my Credit Union to record the new insurance, before the State comes after my tags. Real money and real people are so much better than this virtual stuff sent across the cyberspace. But I was already moving away from trusting the computers to be friendly to me, locked me out of my online service - for my own protection, from me and my old man mistakes.

I have often said things about not carrying a pistol since my life has been mostly fightin' free. But my wife went to her child care duties yesterday and found the parents of one of her favorite babies (they all become favorites quickly), murdered - some left over romantic possessive jealousy rotted into death for the betterment of the stupid murderous person... and it isn't going to get better, but the baby is lucky in that she is too young to remember the missing parents. Not enough hand to hand fighting going on? Would have been better for all involved if they had just punched and kicked on each other until they got tired and then gone and washed up. It didn't happen that way and I don't get all I ever wanted anyway. I had best go learn those new tricks before the computer messes me up some more.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear what your wife had to face.