Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday and everything is fixed in my life...

I get emails from both sisters about my mother's progress/condition and future, it is good to know and it is more to pray over. I had time for a slow starting day and a jog, so I braved the chill and enjoyed the jog, cleaned up and went to visit the Army base for my new hormone replacement for the broken thyroid. The Army didn't have what my doctor said I should, so I went to Walgreens and they made some up and charged me nine dollars. I will now start improving, taking my first pill within thirty minutes of receipt of bottle, I had to read the directions.

I went to work at lunch time, the Associate Superintendent met me on the bridge and made sure I had received her message about how to handle F-unit books, and that if I had any problem to call her immediately. She is really good, I call the shift lieutenant and notify him that the books and an inmate clerk are prepared for pick up by an RM, he calls for an RM to escort the book pushing inmate clerk. Tried it, the first call was ignored because of other stuff, next call to the next lieutenant was responded to immediately, F-unit got Wednesday's selections on Friday. One of their sergeants had called for two days leaving pointed reminders, I love a guy that does his job and jabs so joyously.

I had a closed door conversation with one of my new clerks, seems I am not appreciating him and his efforts, I am too critical, I am only critical of him and if I don't change my ways it isn't going to be as good as it could be. I took the most enraged position I could in my defense, but it wasn't going to get me anywhere, I didn't fire him, but I assured him that he would never have to cut forms out nor re-fill the boxes that hold them. I didn't tell him that he will be central circ station until he quits or learns all the reference books behind him and begs to work as needed and directed. There is always enough work at central circ for the day to go well and swiftly.

On the commute home I was struck by the congestion on I-5 south, it just doesn't move, as I crossed over it on a bridge. The people having the most fun seemed to be the C-17 pilots doing touch and goes in the patch of clear air over McChord Air Force Base. Surrounding that patch were towering glowering clouds of dark gray significant bad weather - but the big plane was swooping inside its clearing, I didn't know that celebration could be seen so far away.

Salmon dinner awaited me and I took my wife to her church for their Good Friday communion, I was warmly greeted by all the nice people that are sure I am a pagan barbarian only showing up on Easter and Christmas. They have good intentions but I am already working on being a better Earl at the other church and its choir. Still it was good to reflect on the real cost of salvation, the price paid the example set. Something to appreciate and to aspire to become more giving.

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