Friday, March 28, 2008

How we work wonders in the world...

I found this fine picture of a well worn warrior, and I immediately knew this guy knows how to do his job observing and slamming enemy with massive death from a far, and I laughed at the people that were trying to justify his wearing his uniform and weapon that particular way, the shaggy hair and unshaven cheek -- maybe they never went where one is hoping for just a bit more sleep, a little more hot food and enough water to drink between those "one must pay attention or die" events in combat zones... maybe. Not being in the death dealing business any longer I still observe and am glad there are soldiers serving, and really glad there are very capable soldiers serving.
Three posts with pictures with guns and one would think that I don't know I work in the dusty dry book circulation circles. But I do know it, I am at a quarterly conference for the Institutional Library Servers (really 'Services') - those heroically manning the libraries out in the prisons and mental institutions of Washington State. We are exchanging views and news about ourselves and our work, and learning about the future, the budget, the priorities and our new assignments. I have to figure out which elected officials should be invited to our libraries, to see what we do on a daily basis and show them how they could help. I will be watched carefully - politics are a very careful business for those that want to survive (walking on fragile flooring). We worked on a future blog for public view (no it isn't ready yet, we have little idea of what we can do, but lots of thoughts about what we want to do), it was interesting watching someone create at blinding typing speeds and then going back and changing much to protect us innocents and crafting a better product. One critical goal is to get our vacancies out where interested library workers can find them - I guess I could put some links on my blog, but then I would be thinking lots of library professionals and paraprofessionals visit, and that isn't true just wistful thinking.

So one more day of conference and exchange of ideas, then back into our solitary sanity in the middle of chaos central - the institutional library. Helping find that special book, piece of music or information for our patron's purpose, always hoping that their lives and our world becomes better for our efforts. Never totally alone, there are telephones, emails, fax machines and some really great people working in the institutions and institutionalized... for whatever reasons befell them there. May your world be in harmony today... even if you can't ride your motorcycle.

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