Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gosh, I found another, one long legged redhead...

Armed and dangerous - actually I hope she is a very nice young lady with a good heart. I only ran into her because I went looking for Alien II targets at The Glock FAQ where I had been sent by the idea I would shoot a Postal Match from the Conservative UAW Guy. Like I need an excuse to go and shoot some targets.

I spent time with my wife doing administrative duties (getting a new ID card) sharing the laughter at the movies watching Leatherheads, and I got jealous that Mr. Clooney gets to ride old motorcycles with sidecars and call it a business expense. I read the write up in one of the weekly new magazines and I don't really need people being shot up and bleeding to feel entertained and enlightened. Then I felt guilty enough to cut my lawn completely and lend my mower to my neighbor so he could do his, and I raked the clippings and trash so it looks pretty good now. We are preparing for Spring and Summer and work makes my wife appreciate me a little more (she will miss me when I am gone).

I wander the blog sphere reading and commenting and thinking about what is worthy and why it doesn't match the evening news, maybe because what I find worthy is unique to me and those few somewhat like me, but always not exactly like me. Well, my jog has been gently run and it is time for the shower and slow down, maybe a little glass of wine while watching foreign films.

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