Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Government isn't going to save us... it could try

I'm from the government and I am here to help, is the joke and for some reason some people think it is true. The President and the Treasury are going to fix Wall Street Bankers, the credit problems of those of us that think borrowing money is good for us - beyond temporary it never was. Anyway, to make this short - the President of the United States and the Treasury are supposed to make the dollars sound... I am sure there are appropriate words in the Constitution - but they aren't paying attention to that are they? If, and they won't, they made the American dollar worth what it was in 1948 and held it there... I must have lost my faith in government, but then they only think they are in charge and can do it all, so faith in government doesn't really get me anything. I have other things I can affect to work on - lots of work awaits me. Bye! Such a beautiful lady and a nice sized heavy coin to sew behind one's Airborne Patch on the garrison cap. Back when a dollar was worth something besides a soda.

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