Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just a guy in awe of Mother's and their days...

I have (for the umpteenth time since my son was born) seen the truly great thing about being a mother. Today Hayden rode his bike without training wheels! He didn't just ride it; he braked, he stood up to pedal, he took his feet off the pedals to coast. We've known he was ready; he's been riding the pocket rocket (a tiny 2-wheeled, battery-powered motorcycle) with no feet for about 6 months, but as soon as we put him on something bigger he got scared. Then last night I caught him riding the neighbor's bike across the grass, so I decided to take the training wheels off his old bike that was lower to the ground. Sure enough, he took off with no starting/stopping, hesitation, or any problems. I'm so proud--I look at pictures of when he was born and wonder, who would have thought this little baby would ride a big-boy bike one day? My little man, moments like this make everything worth it.

 For Mother's Day
Do we woman all want to be mothers? No, many decide they don't want to, their
carerr is too important, they know it would be lots of work, and on and on. And
I wonder, with my inward heart, why? I always wanted children, life without at
least one child would be very empty, unless God decided we would not have
children. But even then I would have adopted. One of my grandsons is adopted,
and more loved he couldn't be! So why do some people think a world without
children would be better. I hear that in Los Angeles there are apartment houses
not allowing any children. How incredibly sad! In this nursing home I'm in right
now, there is sheer joy when a child comes in, be them children of the staff or
someone's great grandchild; it always makes us happy to see another little one,
a gift of God, a child of God!
Melba Dungey May 5, 2008

Sherry is a neice, and Melba is my mother - doesn't that make me a very lucky man? Well, I think I am blest.

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