Thursday, May 8, 2008

Strange day and staff is appreciated...

This week has Department of Corrections appreciating staff, got a fortune cookie on Tuesday, mine didn't have the big prize but I liked the motivational message and one fortune cookie isn't bad. They honored the staff with food for two days - I stayed with my sandwiches and apples. The new corridor officer in training got my library shut down for an hour, then I had only one inmate worker left and we shut down for the last hour and worked in clean up. The Callout has two inmates coming to start working and that will be very good.

The large Drug bust of the college students must have gotten the Corrections Officers busy, there was a bust of Upper A unit, and after they emptied it and searched, they started selecting, packing out and removing the members of the ring exposed. All afternoon they marched individuals to the F-unit for further investigation and such things authorized by the Justice Department. We have three mail bins of books for F-unit that couldn't be delivered yesterday, we will deliver them today.

After work I stopped and got my Dragon Case for my boot knife, and tested wearing it at home while working and stuff. I like it and it is right to hand, although I am sure I will use my Leatherman Wave more often than the boot knife at my back. I wore my compact pistol the other day and was impressed with how little I noticed it. Which is where one should always hope to be, the state of mind that isn't minding. Just be aware of what is happening and your portion of the World's events - may it always be very small and happily contented.

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Breda said...

the dragon case is beautiful!