Thursday, May 8, 2008

great day !

Sure I get to ride my trusty Triumph to work and home, which makes every day a better one, but that wasn't putting a smile on my face. I was happy because I have two new library crew to train and play with. Oh, I don't really play with them, but since they cause me so much amusement as they learn that real work happens in the library, and routines are designed to prevent mistakes and errors - one could say I am playing. First worker showed up, and I get him to understand the rules that will get him fired for breaking them. An Expectations List from our leadership above, and it does a fine job of making it clear what the clerk can't do, and how important customer service is. Then I showed him a sample time sheet, and that he would be making forty-two cents an hour, six to seven hour days if all goes well. Then I get him started on shelving, and finding out that he doesn't know enough, but I am there for training and he listens and works it out. Then I go looking, on the telephone, for his partner - the other new guy. He is found asleep in his rack, and comes to work without his glasses, which means he can't read and that will slow him down all morning. Although my own work is slowed by my training the new guys, I am still happy that they are here, the current crew is accepting of them and their decided shortcoming in performance are exceeded by their willingness to learn and ask questions. I even have accelerated putting them on the circulation station, to give them nightmares tonight. I will repeat tomorrow because the tough circulation days are Monday and Tuesday with little recovery time between patrons. And although I love to think I am a fine trainer - we are missing one book and one music cassette already - they either got checked out improperly, or put where they don't belong. Which is a kind of normal in new clerks that seem to think I will take their heads off if they make me upset - do I look like the Queen of Hearts?

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