Friday, May 9, 2008

Win some and don't dwell on the others...

I am fascinated by experts, especially since I won't become one, the ones on television news I discount completely - they are there to sell snake oil medicine and make rich folks richer. But on the blogs and the internet I have watched some wonderful minds make my knowledge and truth so much besser. Anyway, I will continue to dwell a bit too much in cyberspace.

I left for work early, to go to Galloping Gerties, Exit 122 off I-5, 15417 Union Ave SW,
Lakewood, WA. I wanted to meet and see the Patriot Guard Riders, and did so. Nice bunch of folks, on very nice Harley-Davidsons. They were going to spend the day with soldiers practicing safe motorcycling. It is Motorcycle Safety Month, you did know that didn't you? Community spirit, and motorcycling is fun when done at speed safely. I left them, as more arrived, crowds make me skittish, wary, and paranoid - leftover mental social problems. I don't fit in well, but am often present just there in the background watching, close but untouchable.

Work went mostly well, one of my new workers slept in an hour after lunch but did return, I thought he had quit on his day two - I backed the training pressure off a bit since it was Friday and I do want the two new guys to come to work on Monday.

In the prison it seems like the rules are from Junior High School, one of them is 'snitching', one just doesn't 'snitch' on another inmate for crimes and conduct. So I never expect names of thieves and thugs to be brought to my attention, the crew has to live within the rules of the Department of Corrections and the Rule of The Stupid Thugs and their Criminal Controllers. Two sets of guidelines and you may guess which one you would pay attention to most - the Department of Corrections can only do so much to you, the Thugs have a world of pain at their fingertips.

Anyway, I must be trusted (which I like to think everyone should trust me, as far as they can throw me anyway). Today I found out who from the departing crew seems to have enriched himself with the new CDs, and he left a trail on the computer but was also turned into me for the cops (Corrections Officers) to do a cell search and get the CDs back. Ah, I did notify the Unit floor officer, and told him what I was looking for to be returned. I don't expect they will find the CDs, I hope they do, but I like being able to tug on this inmate's chain - especially as he is getting out in two weeks to rejoin civil society - and I won't tell you his name, he could become a better person in those two weeks and live like a saint for the remainder of his life. I pray for miracles constantly, and am often amazed when I see them. An inmate turning in this petty thief is almost a miracle - but then they look at me as not really part of the cops, they look at the CD collection as improvement in their living and returning to normal life, and figure that they can't live by Junior High rules their whole life. If the CDs are found and returned it will be a three pointer, but I have no trouble taking the two points for the inmate that will work with me to make the library the best place on the island.

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