Friday, February 19, 2010

If everyday becomes Saturday, when do I get a...

Friday night? You know, the first party night of the weekend.

I took the recommendation of Frank James and went to see The Book of Eli, one of those movies my wife would want to see only if I recommended it. Having seen it, enjoyed it mostly - the only thing is that you do really want to see it one more time for the reasons only revealed in its end - how does one miss so much, and then you realized you have been programmed to accept certain values and you don't see what you haven't been programmed to accept. Way to go Mister Washington, another fine movie and I noted who was producing it, it will give me much to think about.

Since I would have had to purchase a second ticket to watch it again, I left, you know the popcorn can cost more than the ticket? The more you eat the greater their profit, the more the State gets in revenue - go see more movies folks.

I was on the Trusty Triumph, brown leather jacket and short of a rifle - haven't figured out how to haul a rifle around, but I will. I went off to the local Triumph dealer for a windshield, the sales lady was talking way too much, but they do that to sell you stuff, they had what I wanted and I offered to test ride their machines while they worked on mine - but they weren't jumping on that one, sigh - I wouldn't have gone beyond the Harley-Davidson dealer's place. Tomorrow at two I will get it all taken care of, more preparation for life on the road. This is only a trip across the country, stopping frequently to smell the roses and say hello to people that are anchored in reality, their reality not mine and visit. Anyway, it was a great afternoon for the ride, except for all the cars in my way on their way to their Friday Night!

My assignment for this evening was to watch my wife's soap opera, the Merry Widows, so she would know what is going to happen next (she had her Bible Study Cell to visit). Since my choices were that or Smackdown, or NCIS I watched her show. Soap operas are culturally based, it wouldn't work on an American family, different rules about marriage and blood and honor in Asia.

One bothering thought about the movie, The Book of Eli, why are the shooters pandering to the writers racking a round into the chamber to set up a notch higher anticipation moment. I noted it three times, don't they have an already loaded firearm? I don't use a safety much, don't chamber a round unless I am preparing to shoot, but in places where I walked in Condition Red, there was never a racking a round into the chamber for effect, it was always pull the trigger and hit the target. There never is enough time in one's life to rewrite one's mistakes - if you can't do it right the first time no one is giving you a 'do over'. I became very adverse to making any noise in places where I expected to shoot other living creatures, now if I am just trying to make sure someone knows I am EARL and am not an ugly Ogre or Strange creature of darkest imagination - I would probably break into "We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year", that announces many things most of which no one needs to worry about.

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Old NFO said...

"Why are the shooters pandering to the writers, racking a round into the chamber to set up a notch higher anticipation moment." Probably... Cocked and locked doesn't do much for anticipation :-)