Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Real Rulers of Washington State took charge...

Today, against the wishes of the people, the Governor signed a bill overthrowing democracy in Washington State - she had been elected on the third re-count by King County so she knows how to rule. She needs money and can't convince the representatives of the people, by a two thirds vote to raise revenue. So she takes action to save the helpless of the state by raising taxes on them... we must all be helpless, they constantly do whatever they like in Olympia. So the only way to get back at them (the powers that would be) is to ride the gravy train of benefits for those that can't do it on their own (ALL of US) and don't work and buy stuff.

Since I am now on a fixed income I have become a steady customer of the tax advantage of the Post Exchange on Ft Lewis. not that there is much I need to buy. Watching local news one restaurant owner had to close two of his high end operations and let fifty employees go and find away around no smoking within twenty-five feet of the doorway to his public business. So he built a smoking lounge for his invited guests for cigar folks, and for five hundred a year he will provide quality storage. Doesn't he need some small business stimulus money? at least a tax advantage for still having a business open.

All the sunshine must have tempted the bikini barristas into fool stunts, like taking out the garbage in thong and pasties. Local news coverage couldn't find the guilty lass, but were asked to leave by lovely ladies wearing more and hoping for customers not news coverage. One local houseperson of the female gender (not being safe to assume housewife would suit her concept of self) did say that it was terrible that the children could see them working hard, in a non union shop, depending on customers with tips. The newsperson of the same gender did also think it was a bit too much, but then she only got one barista (at another Coffee stand) to talk to her on camera (and she put a Northface fleece jacket on to do the interview - although she made lattes with her normal attire on for the camera's recording) no children must watch the evening news?).

Oh, well, I know that I must become a better person, otherwise I will fatten up into someone that can't do all he wants to, nor even as much as he must. Bad enough being un-employed, but to become an un-employed obese person would be terrible - what would the Census think of me? I did hear that there is a school without teachers for next year, the School Board firing the lot of them, and that is okay with Washington DC, it isn't a Presidential election year. Maybe I could teach...

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