Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thor's Day

Ever wonder if the germanic tribes had much influence on England beyond the change from Angle land to England? Of course not, just looking at the names of the days of the week, only one had a Latin beginning.

I am still working myself into sync with the new laptop, and it is exhausting, much easier to go exercise, jog or dig up dirt for future gardening. Much.

I wander the internet looking for stuff and find that one must DO SOMETHING to become a national celebrity, no hope for me - I don't admit to doing much, at least right now. One of my two friends was on National television, since the Olympics is next door, skiing is a passion and the camera caught their party having a fine time. It all matches my thought that sports should be about enjoying and lauding the efforts of the competitors -- not about money. Jenna Bush (Married name already forgotten) was the reporter - kind of cool.

Well, time to go and lick my wounds - helps in healing don't ya know?


Old NFO said...

Doing something is the key Earl! Read!!! Shakespear, the Iliad, the Oddessey, the classics :-)

Earl said...

But I did read the third of the Richard Stark today, and then sang in the choir, starting the Mike Hammer book during the Olympics.

threecollie said...

Didn't that give me a grin when I clicked on that link to see what it was. lol, thanks