Monday, February 15, 2010

Retired enough, go to the National Parks!

I took myself off the computer and took my wife out to see Mount Rainier today, had a nice time and look forward to many more. We were asked to pay fifteen dollars for the car to enter the park, and then the lady asked if we were over sixty-two (this one I will claim proudly) I gave her a twenty and two ID cards and my wife and I have Lifetime Passes to the wonders of America's National Parks. Later as I wandered around I found they didn't really want me and my potential for violence - but by that time the vehicle and the terror were well inside the park enjoying the snow and wildlife and awesome views. The picture is of a poster in one of the windows of officialdom in the park. Sigh, and I thought that rule had changed, but I have been wrong before. Yes, this is February, but the wheels of justice are slow... and who could trust a newspaper to get it right?


Anonymous said...

They were right, just not specific enough. The new law takes effect on February 22nd.

And it doesn't remove the carry ban from park buildings where park employees regularly work. They're considered federal buildings.

Earl said...

Not that I carry as much as I should, but I still have my doubts about any government official that expects me to obey any laws when they ignore the Constitution and the Amendments selectively. Anyone have a Blue and White Collar and Political Criminals Prohibited sign?

Nevermind, it is THEIR government, I seem to be on the side of the others.

Old NFO said...

Yep Feb 22... Just a hair early Earl! I'd love to see that sign :-)