Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day and I was dragged kicking and

screaming to so much foolishness. Okay everyone look up Proverbs 31, those that don't have to look it up because they know what it says can no longer play. Seems like the old married couples of my wife's church needed reminding, romancing and reflecting on being old married folks, I was invited for the potluck and supposed to absorb the good Baptist fun, sigh. They had a couple of games to play, as couples and we did, did well because she and I trust each other and don't have to speak to communicate.

It did get me to thinking, since 1 Timothy, chapter 3 was their guidance for being an upright man, but that is really about being a deacon more than husband. My version of what kind of man a woman should seek and find is:

Producer -- must work and make things: an increase of product my example was Jacob working for Laban increasing his flocks.

Provider -- must take his produce and provide for family and community, I like old Ruthless Boaz for that example.

Protector -- defends the community and his neighbors, and I like Abraham for that example, even trying to save sinful cities.

Partner -- willing to share life, in love and with trust - knowing that one is only part of the greater couple - Xerxes and Esther came to mind.

Parent -- There are lots of examples, but the one pair I like to look at is David and Bathsheba, and once one gets by all the folly and drama - they produce Solomon.

I have little idea of what women look for, there are biological imperatives and the current cultural ideals, but it also seems to me that in American media the idea that women don't need a man, that marriage isn't forever or can't be trusted to last, that one has to have sex without the reproduction, the whole system is doomed to failure if the current media's "everybody knows" is a guideline for success.

I do know that my opinion should not be taken as expert, especially about romance and women, I studied war and was lucky enough to find a woman that really loved two things about me - large nose and I kept my promises. Too many great years with the lovely lady - I don't know much but I sure do love my life and my wife.

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