Saturday, February 27, 2010

What was I reading and recommend...

Not that one should read what I do, and never for the reasons I would find but I was so upset with Richard Stark and Mickey Spillane (who really didn't write that book The Goliath Bone) that I went back to the Library and borrowed two of their "Books to Go".

I have been reading Walter Mosley for a few years now, Easy Rawlings and other big bad boys from LA's darkside. I find fine fellows doing the best they can and I read and enjoy, knowing two things - they are only literary characters and there really aren't any such people and problems in the world. Are there? Now I really believe that Walter Mosley can write very well, and that he knows a thing or two about real people and how to build and tell a story. I do not read his Science Fiction, I admire that he tries to write it because he thinks he should - but it will probably never sing to me (more like the fingernails on the chalk board).

The First Leonid McGill Mystery: THE LONG FALL was what I have just finished, enjoyed and recommend and since marketing is everything there is a second book titled KNOWN TO EVIL, same central character. I give you a bit of totally unimportant philosophy from the author and central character - about libraries, of course. You didn't think this book was about tough guys and crime did you?

"Librarians are wonderful people, partly because they are, on the whole, unaware of how dangerous knowledge is. Karl Marx upended the political landscape of the twentieth century sitting at a library table. Still, modern librarians are more afraid of ignorance than they are of the potential devastation that knowledge can bring." Leonid McGill's thoughts as written by Walter Mosley (who has been wrong before, but I couldn't prove he isn't close to right this time).

I almost wish I hadn't linked to about the book, too much from the author and reviewers. I read in hope of discovery to make my mind dance, and this one did just fine, lots to chew over and am looking forward to the next book.

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Thanks for the recommendation Earl!