Saturday, February 27, 2010

Retirement Seminar today... are you going?

My wife went clamming yesterday, and I get the benefit of the seaweed clam soup while I watch the Olympics on NBC. She is getting ready to go again today - with a better rain coat (mine for my motorcycling)it is good to share.

So I am going to Foss High School to listen and learn, and then the salesmen and women will attempt to get me to think I am not ready, cannot be going into retirement without their particular services and help managing my finances and life. Just like the government, give up something so we can help you. My mother and father raised me as a dependent with the intent that I would break free and be better than they could imagine - why doesn't the government use that model? I would have voted for my father for his strengths and my mother for hers - but they would allow me my own adventures and toil in this world of woe. As long as I would sing about it.

Our goals, targets, must be identified -- our preparation for the shot consistent - the distractions blur out of the moment - focus and engage the target in your life.

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Old NFO said...

Well said Earl, and beware those 'distractions' they WILL cost you money...