Friday, May 28, 2010

Went to walk a bit this morning...

Not up to jogging yet, the congestion is in my chest now... slip sliding away, one hopes. There is a very nice walkway along the beaches, and the later one starts the slower one must walk or jog or run for all the people come to play. The picture is of one of the slower movers on the walkway, his cousins the flat slugs, that resemble leeches more than the round banana slugs, were being smashed flatter by folks not paying too much attention to things smaller than they are. I think his shell protects him a bit, but it reminded me of trying to leave the hotel room, how much must you take with you? Room key, camera, money, that should be enough. Now why is my wife taking a backpack (small one)? Because it holds all the stuff she needs for when it happens. It being the thing I hadn't prepared for, that she has the backpack for = cell phone, her camera, money, water in bottles, chewing gum, sun screen.

I am happy enough with the walk, we stop for a coffee and papaya, the coffee is from Java Joint, but a Starbucks familiarity, I just want black coffee, in a large cup - but it isn't really big enough. The birds are waiting for crumbs to fall, but we are having fruit this morning, not breads. As we sit and sip and talk, we watch the people on treadmills and machines in the fitness center. My wife and I think exactly the same thing at the same time. With all that beautiful beach and walkway out there, why are they using treadmills inside? What kind of sense does that make to go to Hawai'i to exercise in a sterile air conditioned environment - that could be in Chicago, New York or Austin.... really!

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Joycelyn said...

The treadmill walkers join my boss - 2 blocks from the beach, but he excercises in his ground floor excercise room on treadmill & other machines.