Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day out there in cyber land...

Great day, for me, cause I am a father - certainly not the best, you should never ask if I have regrets about bad choices - not enough room on the screen. But then I have more wonderful memories and a son that I am in awe of periodically. So, my wife is making me breakfast, we will go to church and then out to celebrate being parents.

I caught something on CBS Sunday Morning, tape delayed of course, and the man says "don't be Mom's assistant, be a DAD". Works for me.

From Appleseed Forum, For DADS

I didn't get to shoot with my Dad, but he did teach me about guns and motorcycles, and he certainly showed me a fine figure of a father to become. Some lessons were only from memory after I had made a mistake and I re-thought it.

The picture is of a Appleseed crew, and fathers and their children that have followed them into instructing marksmanship and honoring our History and heritage. Yep, Happy Father's Day!

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Jeffro said...

Happy Father's Day to you, Earl!