Saturday, June 19, 2010

Okay it is offical, Earl is going to be rolling on ....

Monday, seems that Freeborn County, Minnesota had thirteen tornadoes yesterday and that is a sign! That is the county I was born in, first fell then jumped out of second story windows, where I didn't learn hockey - although I do remember tall snow and ice skating very young. But that weather is just clearing out, I hope so I don't get soaked on the Trusty Triumph, since I haven't found my rain gear yet.

I unloaded and repacked all the stuff for Appleseeds, except the rifles and ammunition. That picture is it behind the Chin up bar in the garage, AQT targets, tools, more targets, more tools, handouts, bag half full of tee shirts. The notebooks in front of the weights are full of information about History, Appleseed, shooting, M1s, Slings, and my Remington Rifles. Putting that all behind me for about six weeks.

I have the laptop being backed up, before I get too much on it. Electronic death I learned about years ago, like playing Dungeons and Dragons, don't get too in love with your character - the Dungeon Master may kill you off sooner than you expect. You have to save in order to start again from that point, in video games.

So, I expect to post from the road when I can, and I do start on Monday and if you would kindly send me a contact address and telephone number -- remember that this computer that had all that data was wiped out. My email is you should know that I will be riding fast and hard, but I do like breaks to get off and stretch my legs, take pictures, talk, drink more coffee, talk, and soak up the moment where ever I am. Church tomorrow, Home Owners Association meeting today, and jogs for both days between the rain drops.

PS have just found my rain gear - my wife had been using it for clamming on the coast, back to me for packing on the motorcycle - hope I never have to use it.


threecollie said...

Your trip seems so amazing and exciting to me. I wish you well!

Reformed said...

Weights? You're packing weights? You are so methodical. There must be a logical reason for bringing weights.

I'm glad LC found your rain gear. By the looks of the sky and the weather report you'll need it in spite of your hopes to the contrary.

See you later today.