Thursday, June 17, 2010

Always learnin'

I am packing out for the road trip, but I need to finish a POI for Appleseed that will improve my time management. I have been slowed by something and I didn't start Appleseeds slow, something must have happened. There also has been discussion about Rapid Fire AQTs (RF/AQT), and I thought about using them to increase the shooters' pace of engagement of targets. One suggestion of ten rounds on a sighting square done at a Rifleman's Cadence struck me as a good technique for practice, once you have the Natural Point of Aim, shooting at that cadence is a good reinforcer.

One of the discussions on a forum got wound around my technique is better than yours, and so I signed off saying I will use rapid fire when it fits the target engagement, and a bayonet charge when the targets haven't been hit. so I want to write the Bayonet Charge AQT for those folks out of patience, ammunition and skills. One writer said he could just see Americans getting up from the prone position and charging the target line with bayonets gleaming... or something like that. Well, having invented the BC/AQT doesn't mean it will really happen, but I could use it as a gentle threat. Back to time management.

I don't really think anyone hates me, and there isn't a conspiracy to take all the pictures and data (all my Quicken numbers for years and years). But to me it is an excellent reminder of how fleeting and empty the virtual world is - and in the end what counts isn't that you kept the numbers or the photographs, but that you have lived and loved and are welcome in far away places and at home. y'all be good out there, it works so much better than bad.

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