Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There are people out there that hate me...

I came home from a great evening spent with a charming companion (my wife) and was showing her somethings on the computer, and I found that I had no more operating system. A complete destruction of my virtual status in the binary coded world of the internet, sigh. It must have been the Godless Communist Chinese, the oh so God Bound Moslem Terrorist or some hacker from some high school set on bringing back barbarity for the complete distruction of civilization (not understanding why civilized conduct can built empires and uncivilized conduct can't get you much more than drive-by shootings no one deserves).

F10 and start all over, but that means that Microsoft becomes in charge again, do you think it was the Federal Government looking for a new way to modify my behavior. Do they know who I voted for in the last election, do they need to know?

Of course I am typing this on the laptop, which will accompany me on the Trusty Triumph. And I have another computer that sits off line waiting for the end of the world so it can get hooked up and save us all. And there is the computer in the closet, waiting for me to pull the abacas out for calculations, or the fine Ricoh slide rule, model no. 159 from my first attendance at college in 1966. Yes, I do know that slide rules and computers don't get the exact same answers to all computations, but then I am also a little off, although the doctor says I am in good health (for an old fat man) and I can wait until December to see him again and have a safe ride.

I did get an appreciative email from this weekend's shoot, always nice to know something I did was right - I have done so much wrong.

Now I am angry, all my pictures were wiped out with the Rebuild, luckily God loves me and I will die and leave this mess behind.

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