Thursday, June 10, 2010

So how did Civilization die... how did I miss it...

It wasn't presented as something to be concerned about on local media. Actually, all media had a hand in killing it but they did it for the best of reasons - they actually cared. I don't have any more time to work on this, I have to stay on the pile of Survivors, don't want voted off of this island, if they asked me something I would find myself tongue-tied. The best example I can give you is the Brady Anti-gun group, who are sure that removing the firearms will prevent shootings. And as long as one has no firearm, one can't shoot. That is true - but civilized man once had firearms and knew how to properly use them - now no firearms and no civilized man that can use them - the end of civilization.

Locally, an uncivilized man attacks a Latte Stand, binds and threatens the young woman employee with death and flees. The uncivilized owner/boss says she did everything right (having no right to defend the coffee stand or her honor or life) and that he will get that uncivilized man. The police are alarmed - in the ten previous uncivilized conducts (robbery of coffee shops) the uncivilized man has never shown so much violence and danger to other people. The media's answer is for the uncivilized man to go back to the country of his origin and leave us alone. No, he isn't Hispanic, but certainly he couldn't have grown up in an America that has law and order and manners and was CIVILIZED - but then maybe we aren't either. When the parks aren't safe for single women and children, when children are missing when walking to school, when uncivilized people get drunk, drugged out of their minds, or are posted as examples of celebrity.... where is that mythical veneer of civilized conduct?

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