Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well, I have to go get some milk and lunch meat...

I have to get a little milk for breakfast, used water for my gruel today. I have some other little stuff to get also. I was dropped off by my wife to pick up the Trusty Triumph, as I waited for attention I wandered looking at the stuff that I don't need and much that I don't want, wasn't anything that I had to have except for my motorcycle with new tires, and it was rolled out running. Just looking at it raised my Happy, getting the helmet on and getting on the bike was even better. Talked a bit to the mechanic about the brakes and such. I had talked to the dealer/owner inside about Triumphs on the islands, and about riding a Honda around Hawaii, the Big Island. He wanted to know who I had rented from, I told him. All part of his business world. Wanted to know if I had been on vacation, since I don't work now it is all vacation.

I rode home, missing most of the heavy rains that have been pouring on us, we even had thunder storms and lightening yesterday -- but it is drying out a bit and we are going to have a great weekend. Now to check the mail, go shopping and then start my yard work, seems the weeds have won in most of the gardens. Always another opportunity to pull it all back together - just eight miles that I had walked before Hawaii - it sure was nicer and faster, flying the Trusty Triumph home instead of walking the same route.

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Old NFO said...

Sounds like you're getting back in the swing of things!