Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a beautiful weekend... I could have been riding...

But I was Shoot Bossing instead, three hour drive from home, stayed in Oregon for the night, lots of teaching, challenging and learning done. Had a great time and the pay was unbelievable. Did figure out as we told the tale of April 19, 1775 - that the reason Civilization has collapsed is that we don't worry about the future generations, we don't even think about them - and those that stood up to the King's Army did think about the future generations and what Liberty means (it wasn't a Jeep then). As I drove home I smiled at all the motorcyclists and know that I will be joining them soon, even if my sister thinks I am (or could be more so) a jerk - I haven't been the greatest brother - certainly no one should depend on me and my schedule. Take care out there, God loves you - always.

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