Thursday, June 3, 2010

What does it take to be the champion? super power...

I know that I do like fine guns, beautiful steel and wood, fine design and engraving - I don't buy any of that kind, they always seem too expensive. I admire those that can build the rifle they want we need more craftsmen, but all I do is shoot and not that well, just good enough. When I want to shoot really well I have to buckle down and pay a price in practice, ammunition and nudging myself towards perfection, which I have always been taught is an affront to God, although the striving is encouraged.

I was watching lots of people preparing for this Triathlon 70.3 and enjoying the glimpses of a life I have never lived. They are serious folks, expensive bicycles, tuned by professionals, checking the routes and such. Talking past performances and expectations for Saturday I have seen some of this in road races and marathons - but never having been anywhere close to the leading edge this smaller group is more a semi-pro elite than I ever competed with (or behind). Still, very interesting to watch the preparations.

I certainly wish them all the best - it takes physical, mental and spiritual preparation to push yourself to the best performance your body can produce. You can spend extra dollars on clothing, shoes, bike, and drink - coaching and computer analysis of your technique and then spy out the opposition so they don't sneak up on you, or phsyc you out and make you run their game plan. Still, in the end it will be the one that has their best effort in focus for the target. Like a RWVA instructor told our shooters once, you could spend a lot of money on your equipment and have some great stuff, and still forget the six steps for taking the shot, and expensively miss.

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