Friday, June 4, 2010

Yes, I could ride a motorcycle in Hawai'i...

Talked to the owner/operator of a two wheels for rent operation, pretty red Honda Shadow screamed at me... and I was listening. Most of all I enjoyed the conversation with the owner, how he looked at his business and how he is doing. May be Monday I can break free and RIDE! Cause Tuesday we start the return trips to Washington.

Looking at my email, someone needs a Shoot Boss in Estacada, Oregon, and looking forward another two weeks Spearfish, South Dakota has an Appleseed when I will be close enough to reach it. I only have four Appleseeds so far, and three of them as a Shoot Boss. It does make riding harder and faster but that is what life is about isn't it? Showing up is most of life, you haven't missed me have you? My brother is in North Carolina visiting our mother, he rode his Pacific Coast.

There is entirely too much news around here, but since I was once on the pointy edge of the spear I understand wanting to know what is going on all the time. Gosh, I think I lived on Headline News refreshing every thirty minutes - no wonder I had no one visiting me. Still, the story about the stolen perfect game was too good. When I saw the video of the Detroit pitcher beating the runner to first and looking up to the bad call of safe in front of him - and he sadly smiled - to me the perfect GAME had been made - just one of those that the record books could ignore. It is a GAME, it was played the best possible and the pitcher had more grace than most of "ME FIRST" America. I didn't need the talking heads and such telling me what they thought, I didn't need to know anything beyond the moment I saw, nothing else mattered. There are still humble heroes out there and I am glad, we are going to need them.


Long-time RN said...

Well said, Earl. Both pitcher and ump displayed a grace, forgiveness, and decency that is so lacking in our world today.

Happy Birthday to your adorable grandson!

Old NFO said...

Long time got it right... Enjoy the weekend Earl, and keep reading!