Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happiness and I owe it all to gaggling women..

Ladies you are entirely under appreciated. Today I was worn out, too long on the road and eager for a hot shower and computer time alone... But seven or eight of you were swamping the one desk clerk, and I figured a convention was in town, so I wandered to find the men's room and return. When I came back with my hair slicked down, two bare chested and bare footed boys had joined the line waiting on the one clerk. A mention of seven cancellations made my mind up. I was back on the bike, knowing some motel down the road would have a space for one.

I was wrong, but the trip was great, Highway 12 over the Cascades, White Pass (Ski Resort) and the location I made my nightly call to my wife, at seven I was there, and with some serious but beautiful riding in an hour I was in Morton fueling up for the last part of the trip, fifty-seven miles to my home. Now the best ride for serious leaning riders in Western Washington awaited me, but then I have done it before a time or two - not totally new like Deals Gap had been. But I got to daydreaming on one turn and should be ashamed, I know better. I had to stop, and did, then start it up and get around that turn and back into the groove, paying attention to each as they came up, they are different. Still light when I cooly rode the Trusty Triumph up the street - it all looked better colored, sharper than what I had remembered. My yard is great, I haven't been missed.

Home, coffee smell, sound of laughter, and this is the best night of this month, and I have had some great ones, thank the Lord.


Sailorcurt said...

Glad you made it home safely my friend. You are truly an iron man.

I've got a pale shadow of your trip coming up. Family motorcycle trip.

I'll be heading to Indiana from Norfolk to hook up with them, then we'll be riding as a group (and meandering a bit) from Indiana to Charleston SC (planning on riding the dragon on the way), and then I'll head back to Norfolk from Charleston.

Just a fraction of what you've done over the past month, but should be fun sharing the road with family.

So what was your final mileage total over your trip anyway?

Jeffro said...

Home and safe! You've had quite a trip - glad it all went so well.

Evenstar said...

Welcome home, Earl! :)

Frank W. James said...

Very pleased that you're home and safe. God Bless Till we meet again...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Old NFO said...

Glad you're back in one piece Earl!